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Living Arts Project - Ballygarrett NS (2017/18)

Photo Credit: Frank Abruzzese

Established in 2013, the Living Arts Project is a long-term visual arts educational scheme which consolidates the existing partnership between the Arts Department of Wexford County Council (WCC) and Wexford Arts Centre (WAC) intends to make engagement with, and understanding of, the fundamentals of contemporary visual art even more attainable for local audiences.

Overall Aims
Communal themes fed into the project, as Ballygarrett as a recreational site was investigated. In print form, collective notions of leisure activity were investigated. Large format repeat panels provided opportunities to explore real or imagined narratives that unfolded over a number of weeks. Print material accumulated in single and multi-plate processes, providing stories and tales in collage format. The threat of local erosion became the focal point for a screen print project; personal artifacts and the collective movement of people anchored the work in a number of different processes, such as collage, print, shadow play and installation. Mirroring current political and ecological concerns regarding mass movement of people, particular consideration was given to the struggling isolated figure. Contemporary attitudes to lo-fi materiality were investigated via painting practice. Everyday materials such as glitter and poster paint examined found materials that were foraged on the local beach. Repurposed, a variety of paint techniques such as masking, transferring, stenciling and spray-painting responded to this and were reconfigured in a painting that sits somewhere between two/three dimensions. Other themes such as the notion of ‘reworking’ were explored in animated form, while a ‘wookiee’ painting became the stimulus for a mask-making project. The project echoed the trials and errors of an ongoing studio practice.
Materials & Process

Photo Credit: Frank Abruzzese

Class Teachers: Eveleen O' Sullivan (5th Class), Aoife Gardiner (5th & 6th Class) Assistant Artist: Anne Martin Walsh

Supported by:
The Arts Council
Wexford County Council
Wexford Arts Centre
Ballygarrett NS

Photo Credit: Frank Abruzzese

Mentor: Gemma Browne
Ballygarrett NS

Photo Credit: Frank Abruzzese
Participants Work

Photo Credit: Frank Abruzzese
Installation Shots

Wexford Arts Centre