We Often Forget,
The Complex, Dublin

Summer Exhibition 2020, 2019 (UK),
Royal Academy of Arts,
Piccadilly, London

The Library Project, Dublin

Turps Correspondance Course,
Turps Art School,
2018 / 2019

Cairde Visual,
The Model,

0-0 LA, Los Angeles

Paper Cuts (UK),
Saatchi Gallery, London
Curated by Kristian Day

Art Maze Magazine,
Winter Edition, Issue 6, 2018,
Curated by Kristian Day

Artlinks Bursary Award, 2020, 2018
Wexford County Council

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CPD in Visual Art for Primary Teachers

Centre for Continuing Education

Course Aims
To explore, extrapolate and integrate Literacy and Numeracy in Visual Art particularly through the media, content and techniques utilised in the Drawing, Clay and Fabric and Fibre strands. Use Visual Art materials and tools as a stimulus for creativity both individually and with their students. Work from observation and curiosity, individually and in groups. Explore the possibilities presented by Visual Art to facilitate expression and to stimulate and motivate students. Use Visual Art to develop, define, refine, expand and present literacy and numeracy themes. Develop pedagogical skills in the area of cross-curricular learning. Appreciate, integrate and use Visual Art to reinforce Literacy and Numeracy themes across the curriculum. Feel confident in their own abilities to adapt to and develop idea for the integration of Literacy and Numeracy in the classroom. Develop problem solving and risk taking skills in Art work that can be utilised in the classroom. Model the use of ICT by the facilitator in the summer course to create their own PowerPoint presentation using support study artists for each of the strands covered. Research online and use new support study artist relevant to the Visual Art Strands with their classes. Develop communication and critical thinking skills through the use of a variety of evaluation techniques.

Visual Arts Strand

Fabric & Fibre

Delivered in Partnership with:
Blackrock Education Centre
Dumcondra Education Centre
Dublin City West Education Centre
Visual Aid

Fabric & Fibre

Course Director
Dr. Patsey Bodkin
Visual Arts Strand

Visual Arts Strand